Outreach Program
The mission of Kaminando’s Outreach Program (KOP) is to promote a comprehensive understanding of, and appreciation for the jaguar, through education and community outreach.

By providing information, education and outreach, KOP fills important knowledge gaps, dispels misconceptions and helps to change attitudes and behavior in ways that enhance tolerance for, and coexistence with, the iconic jaguar and other carnivores.
KOP in Community Schools

The focus of KOP’s work is the dissemination of accurate information regarding the functions of the tropical rainforest and the species that live within. A lack of information, or misinformation, can lead to human attitudes and actions that create barriers to species recovery, and or healthy, sustainable populations.

First implemented in 2016 as a pilot project, in the district of Las Margaritas, we directly reached over 100 students and 10 teachers; introducing them to our Kaminando jaguar conservation program.
  1. Milton
    Talking to 5th-6th graders!
  2. Teacher invloved in our KOP
    Teacher invloved in our KOP
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  3. Las Margaritas
    Las Margaritas
  4. Attention!
KOP - Training

KOP also includes technical training on jaguar research methodology to local residents. By involving the community in our research activities, we are making significant strides towards building local capacity, promoting the value of intact forests and their pragmatic importance for healthy wildlife populations, watersheds, rainfall and climate.
KOP - Abroad

KOP feels the urgency to disseminate knowledge and awareness about wildlife, not only in the communities of the valley, but also in Californian schools; planting the seeds for conservation at home and abroad.
  1. Oakland, CA
    Oakland, CA
    Habitat fragmentation challenge game
  2. Kimberly
    New Port Beach - 1st graders
  3. Kimberly
    1st graders learning about Jaguars
  4. Oakland zoo, CA
    Oakland zoo, CA