“Love the animals: they have been given the rudiments of thought and joy untroubled.”

  1. Jaguar and Felines
    Jaguar and Felines
    Your donation will help us to acquire GPS-Collars that will provide vital information on the natural history and behavior of the Jaguar! Your donation of $ 100 - 500 +
  2. Camera Traps for Wildlife
    Camera Traps for Wildlife
    Your donation will help us obtain cameras to document Jaguar, other felines and their prey species in the region. Your donation of $ 50 - $ 200 + Photo: Courtesy of Yaguara.
  3. Amphibian survival...
    Amphibian survival...
    The Amphibian decline calls for your attention. Your donation will support a student who will focus on amphibian conservation (i.e., Taxonomy, Behavior). Your donation of $ 100 - $ 300 +