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Kaminando Meeting Panama October 17, 2017
Event: Jaguar Conservation Team - Panama

Kaminando & Experience Mamoni

We are pleased to invite government, research and conservation organizations in Panama to network, exchange ideas and opinions regarding the state of the jaguar and threats to its survival.

• Integrate research groups for the exchange of knowledge and to

  establish research partnerships.
• Encourage collaboration and communication between

   MIAMBIENTE and research organizations.
• Develop criteria for the prevention of, and campaign against

   jaguar killing.
• Promote the implementation of educational action, and

   determine areas at high risk.

• Representative of Panthera
• Representative of Yaguara
• Representatives of the Guna Yala Region (Iidky)
• Experience Mamoni Staff
• Founders of Kaminando
• Local media

A glimpse into Kaminando's findings
Study area covered: ~200 km2
Distance walked: ~ 400 km
Number of Camera-Trap stations: 52 (each station set ~2 km apart)
The imagery data includes four species of cats [jaguar, ocelot, puma, jaguarundi], several prey species [deer, peccary, paca, etc.]
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Kaminando Kick-off

You are cordially invited to an evening of Wildlife Conservation Inspiration hosted by Kaminando - Habitat Connectivity Initiative. Our organization aims to protect the threatened Tropical Montane Cloud Forest and its biodiversity in the country of Panama. We are establishing long-term research programs in this extremely vulnerable habitat, home to the jaguar and other threatened species.

Please join us to learn more about our tropical endeavor and how you can play a vital role in supporting this fragile web of life.

Presentation at 7:30pm

Silent Auction of Wildlife photographs from National Geographic Professionals, Art, and Panamanian crafts.

Food, drinks and music will be provided.

Suggested donation of $20 towards our conservation mission is encouraged.

Parking is available on the street and in the lot across from the Rhythmix entrance.

See You There :)