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   You are cordially invited to be part of a unique Wildlife Conservation Adventure hosted by Kaminando - Habitat Connectivity Initiative and Experience Mamoni...C28

Jaguar Challenge Tour 2018

   Our organization aims to protect the threatened Tropical Montane Cloud Forest and its biodiversity in the country of Panama. We are establishing long-term research programs in this extremely vulnerable habitat, home to the jaguar and other threatened species.

   Please join us to learn more about our tropical endeavor and how you can play a vital role in supporting this fragile web of life.

An Opportunity to Visit Our Jaguar Project
   Why not make a memorable trip to the rainforest while visiting our jaguar project?

We welcome you to spend time in the lap of nature.

Hike on trails where jaguars and other felines have left their footprints. 

You will help us check camera-traps and discover which felines have been roaming the trails.

You can be sure you will not return home unaffected by a visit to the rainforest!
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Mamoni Valley Preserve-Biodiversity Hot Spot
  The Republic of Panama, uniquely situated as a landbridge between the coasts of North and South America, has inherited one of the most complex ecosystems on this earth. Panama is an extremely beautiful and ecologically diverse country.

  Among the 10,000 species of plants found in Panama, there are ~1,200 varieties of orchids, 1,500 types of trees and 678 different ferns. You can find more than 11,000 unique species of butterflies and moths, more than 964 different species of birds, and over 225 species of mammals.

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7-Day Expedition
The 7-Day Expedition in Panama will be tailored according to your needs and expectations. While in Mamoni Valley, our partner, Mamoni Experience will be your host. They will provide you with a unique and exotic accomodation in the cloud forest.

From here, Kaminando will take you for an authentic experience in the forest, for up to 4 days; combining research and adventure.

  • We will hike trails according to your comfort level, while searching for unique species of plants (orchids) and animals (birds, frogs, etc.). You will enjoy swiming in the Mamoni River (Jane Goodall's waterfall).
  • You will gain a better understanding of the ecosystem and function of the Montane Cloud Forest, and the challenges it faces for survival.
  • We will visit the sustainable agriculture program developed by Mamoni Valey Preserve; methods are soon to be implemented throughout villages within the valley.

What about the other 3 days?
Panama has a wide range of tropical landscapes including pristine beaches, History and Culture. However you choose to enjoy the remainder of your trip, we will assist in planning your itinerary through us or our partnerships with local travel companies.

Here are some options:
  • White sand beaches, turquoise waters, coral reefs. The Pearl Islands and San Blas Islands.
  • Visit the native Embera Community. Get to know their lifestyle and traditions!
  • Transit the Panama Canal and visit Casco Viejo (Old Panama).
  • Biomuseo. Learn how the landbridge of the Isthmus of Panama was formed ~3 million years ago.

Let us know how much time you have and we will help you plan a holistic tour that includes wildlife adventures, relaxing time on the exotic islands in the Caribbean or Pacific Oceans.