Native – hand made art

Native – Kuna People in Panama use art as an income base and we help by using it as an educational tool to bring awareness to the tropical forest condition and promote sustainable solutions to biodiversity and to fight

The Climate Emergency




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Beadwork is a pillar of Indigenous design. One of the most common arts and crafts practiced by Native Kuna People in Panama included the decorative use of beads of various types. Their works simultaneously keep their culture’s traditions alive while providing means of livelihood. Their signature items are their bracelets and necklaces and other ornaments with animals motives (i.e. hummingbirds).


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The ivory of the rainforest!

Indigenous people started carving tagua figures [usually animals] to supplement their incomes. The sculptures are a reflection of their world deep in the rainforest.

Tagua is now recognized as fine ethnic art and fast becoming highly collectible. Tagua has been considered an extremely useful resource because it could be used instead of plastic to make things such as: dices, jewelry and chess pieces.