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Kaminando in a Biodiversity Hotspot!

 The Republic of Panama, uniquely situated as a land bridge between North and South America. It has inherited one of the most complex ecosystems on earth. Panama is an extremely beautiful and ecologically diverse country. Join us to learn more about our tropical endeavor and how you can play a vital role in supporting this fragile web of life.

Volunteer Biology student

    Kaminando offers hands-on, professional internships in one of the world’s most exciting and spectacular Tropical Montane Cloud Forest of Panama, the Choco-Darien Moist Forest Ecoregion.

   If you are a biology student or recent graduate looking to explore and discover your career path, Kaminando offers a myriad of opportunities in the fields of Ornithology Mammalogy, Herpetology, Entomology, Sustainability, and Geospatial Analysis. We have teamed up with Mamoni Valley Preserve, Guna Yala Indigenous Comarca, and Chagres National Park, to provide students access to sustainable research and monitoring projects

    Join an expedition to walk in areas where few other people have visited. Immerse yourself in the cloud forest, learn our techniques to follow the path of the jaguar and pernoctate in local communities. Your support takes us further in our mission.

Join an expedition

Research Proffesors

   College and University science proffesors know that an in situ Ecology class is a completely difference experience for both students and teachers. For this reason, let us arrange a study program in the cloud forest in which we take care of logistics, field assistance and give talks of field methods, community ecology, and more.

Jaguar Challenge Tour

   Our successful community-based ecotourism venture provides a stellar cloud forest experience to our guests. The effective participation of all of the stakeholders makes our tours a genuine and effective tool of environmental conservation. Our visitors recognize the important work of kaminando and join us in our efforts to conserve and protect the forest and its biodiversity. Contact us to let us know when you want to join us!